Tocad Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the "Company") understands that customers' personal information is important as an integral part of their privacy. Based on this understanding, the Company believes that it has a social responsibility to handle this information with the utmost care. Customers who use the Company's official website can use most services without disclosing their personal information. In addition, just viewing the Company's official website does not result in the collection of the user's personal information. However, some services may be unavailable for customers who do not provide their personal information.
In handling personal information obtained via the web server installed by the Company, the Company will strive to operate and manage this information in accordance with its privacy policy so that customers can use the website with a sense of security.

*Use of cookies

The Company's official website contains services that are provided by using information from cookies. While a cookie enables the identification of the computer used by a customer, which is aimed at providing them with services, the customer will not be identified unless they enter their personal information on the website. Customer information collected via cookies is used solely for the purpose of improving the convenience of use on the Company's official website. In addition, cookies that were used when customers visited the Company's official website will not cause their personal information to be leaked to other websites.
Customers can disable cookies in their respective browsers. However, this may limit the range of services available for the customers among services offered by the Company on the network.