While engaging in fair and equitable business competition, TOCAD ENERGY maintains healthy political and governmental relationships.

  • 1. Prohibition of corruption and bribery
  • 2. Prohibition of abuse by those in senior positions
  • 3. Prohibition of the giving and receiving of improper benefits
  • 4. Prohibition of anti-competitive practices
  • 5. Provision of accurate information on products and services
  • 6. Respect for intellectual property
  • 7. Appropriate export controls
  • 8. Information disclosure
  • 9. Prevention and early detection of improper conduct
  • 10. Prohibition of forced labor
  • 11. Prohibition of inhumane treatment
  • 12. Prohibition of child labor
  • 13. Prohibition of discrimination
  • 14. Appropriate wages
  • 15. Working hours
  • 16. Providing products that meet legal and regulatory requirements

Quality Environmental Policy

Based on the rechargeable battery business, which is clean energy, we provide earth-friendly products and products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers, and work to protect the environment.

  • 1. We will become a company trusted by society by realizing product safety, high quality, environmental protection and occupational safety, and by establishing a culture of complying with laws, regulations and standards.
  • 2. We will actively incorporate proposals from our business partners, partner companies, and employees, and carry out continuous improvement activities and new technology development. In this way, we will improve customer satisfaction and build a business structure that can meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • 3. We will continuously improve the integrated management system and maintain the optimum condition in response to changes in the business environment and changes in social demands.
  • 4. Proper treatment of waste will prevent environmental pollution and contribute to the protection of biodiversity.
  • 5. Set quality / environmental targets, implement PDCA for improvement, and achieve the targets in all departments and all levels.

Quality Assurance

TOCAD ENERGY continuously improves and maintains the quality assurance system and provides products with due consideration for product safety.

  • 1. Ensuring product safety
  • 2. Maintenance and continuous improvement of quality management system
  • 3. Improving customer satisfaction
  • 4. Providing products that meet customer requirements

ISO9001 Certification



TOCAD ENERGY establishes an environmental policy and voluntarily and proactively works on environmental measures for a sustainable global environment.

  • 1. Environmental management system
  • 2. Management of chemical substances used in the manufacturing process
  • 3. Minimize the impact on the environment (drainage, sludge, exhaust, etc.)
  • 4. Environmental permit / administrative approval
  • 5. Effective utilization of resources and energy (3R)
    (Reduce: Control waste generation / Reuse: Reuse / Recycle: Recycle)
  • 6. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • 7. Waste reduction
  • 8. Disclosure of the status of environmental conservation efforts
  • 9. Management of chemical substances contained in products

ISO14001 Certification


Information security

TOCAD ENERGY undertakes information security measures to appropriately protect and manage personal information and confidential business information obtained from those with whom we do business.

  • 1. Guarding against threats to computer networks
  • 2. Preventing the leakage of personal information
  • 3. Preventing the leakage of confidential customer and third-party information

Safety and Hygiene

TOCAD ENERGY ensures an ideal and safe working environment for all individuals involved in its business activities.

  • 1. Safety measures regarding the machinery
  • 2. Workplace safety
  • 3. Workplace hygiene
  • 4. Work-related injuries and illnesses
  • 5. Emergency response
  • 6. Precautions for work involving physical loads
  • 7. Safety and hygiene of facilities
  • 8. Health management of employee

Social contributions

TOCAD ENERGY views contributing to society and local communities as an important part of corporate social responsibility, and proactively undertakes initiatives to contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.

  • 1. Contributing to society and local communities