CSR Activity

Based on the company philosophy “Create earth-friendly future”, we pay careful attention to good relation with all the stakeholders. Also we Tocad, as a whole group, serve diligently as corporate citizens.

1.Quality Control

In order to realize the service “more than expected by customer”, not only acquisition of ISO9001, but also we have built up the system, which enable all the production bases can produce the high quality products of the same level based on severe quality control policy. Production Control Division/Quality Assurance Dept. have fixed the internal standard, which Quality Assurance Dept. and Quality Control Dept. of each production base conform to. We continue to provide high quality products as constantly reviewing the quality control of whole group by both side of safety and quality assurance.

Safety Evaluation of Products

We conduct evaluation tests based on internal safety standard which is much severe than related laws or regulations, then that enable us to provide the most safety products to customers.

Manufacturing Quality Improvement Activity

We promote improvement of manufacturing quality by active QC patrol or quality education activities.

2.Information security

We regularly conduct internal educations utilizing P(Plan)・D(Do)・C(Check)・A(Action) cycle while keeping confidentiality and safety as complying with the rules internally decided based on information security management system

3.Safety and Hygiene

An employee spends 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week in the office. If an accident or a disaster occurred, Securing safety at the office is essential matter in corporate activity.

Fire-fighting drill

For the case of emergency, we annually carry out evacuation and fire-fighting drill under supervision of fire station. Assuming the outbreak of the fire, we practice evacuation guidance and handling of fire extinguisher. In recent years, initial action for an earthquake is also added as drilling item. Now our drill is “General Disaster Drill”.


AED is provided in our office for the emergency of neighborhood or passer-by. Demonstration and training of AED is carried out at the time of fire-fighting drill.

4.Social Contribution

We consider social contribution activity is an important part of CSR. We aim to be the company which society truly needs by not only conventionally keeping good relation with local community or working on environmental conservation, but also contributing through our business activities to solve various social problems.

Power Storage System

In order to contribute to society with power storage system business, utilizing know-how developed in battery pack production technology, we will promote development and production of power storage system and its battery unit, which are high quality, reliable and can coordinate with natural energy such as photovoltaic power generation.

Cleanup activity

There is a certain reason to become dirty. Garbage causes garbage. In order to prevent from becoming dirty, it is absolutely necessary to continue even small things. Since its establishment, cleanup activity around the office has become daily routine.

5.Environmental management

Our environmental efforts form the basis of our management philosophy. As a company that expands its business globally, we at the TOCAD ENERGY Group consider our environmental efforts to be our most important issue. In addition to reducing the environmental burden and protecting the natural environment, we are actively promoting activities in various situations from products to business activities.

Participation in the Japan Climate Initiative

In December 2020, Tocad Energy joined the Japan Climate Initiative (JCI).
JCI is a network that was established in July 2018 to activate information delivery and exchange of opinions by companies, local municipalities, NGOs, and other organizations that are proactive in tackling climate change in Japan.
At Tocad Energy, we pursue energy efficiency improvement and creation of a sustainable future through development and manufacturing of secondary battery packs. By participating in JCI, we will enhance our activities for tackling climate change, thereby contributing to building a decarbonized society.

6.Supply Responsibility (Action to BCP)

BCP (Business Continuity Planning) is the plan by which we can continue our business activity as analyzing the impact of disaster or pandemic. It plans preparation for minimizing of damages and countermeasures for rapid recovery from damages. We have prepared BCP manuals for the emergency such as earthquake so that we can fulfill our supply responsibility to customers.