We, Tocad Energy Co., Ltd., shall practice our management philosophy 「We create the earth-friendly future with clean energy.」, and also promote the practical conduct of CSR management to secure the trust and support of society in order to continually develop our businesses.

  • 1. We shall act not only as complying with laws andordinances but also based on high ethical standard and common sense.
  • 2. From global viewpoint, we shall diligently work on issues relating to environmental, social and economic sustainability.
  • 3. Considering valuable advices and opinions from our various stakeholders, we shall faithfully take balanced approach to the issues.

Tocad Energy Co., Ltd. C.E.O. & PresidentTakeshi Fujikawa

Management Organaization

CSR Committee, where President is chairman, has been set up to discuss and decide the actions relating to our social responsibility through business activities. Based on the decisions made by the committee, the detailed operations are promoted and reviewed by each committee and responsible departments.

CSR committee configuration diagram

Improvement of Social Trust
and Corporate Value

Our corporate sustainability is just the practice of Management Philosophy. Realization of Management Philosophy shall make society more sustainable. For realization of Management Philosophy, each employee diligently behave and conduct good communication with stakeholders, then promote reliable management.