Environmental Activity

Effort on environment is fundamental to our Management Philosophy. As promoting global business, we , Tocad Energy group, recognize that efforts on environment should be the most important issue. We diligently promote our activities in various scenes, such as not only reduction of environmental load or protection of natural environment but also business activities.

Environmental Management Organization Chart

The committees are set up at each base and actively promoting in order to definitely conduct environmental improvement from the management to individual employee level.

For Environment

Environmental Education

  • 1. Training by operations related to environment.
  • 2. Education with videos or slides to enable each employee more aware of environment. Annual program for the above are planned to make each employee more capable and continuously improved.
Target Persons Contents
General Education All Employees Understanding of environmental system.
Operation procedure for environmental policy and environmental purpose target.
Special Education Internal Auditors Understanding of auditor’s role and responsibility and the latest situation of laws and ordinances about environment, Mastery of points and operation procedure of internal audits.

Environment Audits

Annual audit are conducted by the certification body, and in addition, the renewal audit by every three years.

Internal Audit

In accordance with the order in ISO 14001, internal audit are annually conducted for environmental management documents.

Environmental consideration at production activities

Clean energy products ~Excellent environmental performance of the products ~

Features of L-ion battery
  • ・ High energy density is suitable for downsizing of compact and light portable devices.
  • ・ Immune to the memory effect.
  • ・ Cycling characteristics of 300 ~ 500 times can reduce environmental load.

For prevention of the global warming ~The prevention of the global warming from the view point of service~

Reduce of company car use by useful sharing of information related to company cars

All employees can share the information about reservation status of company car by reservation management data base in internal system. We also challenge other activities to promote CO2 reduction.

Reduction activity for various wastes

Computerization of design drawing

In the past, more than 65,000 pcs of drawing s were printed out, but after computerization of design drawings, online reading is now available and contribute to reduce paper use remarkably.

Complete garbage separation

Clearly separated by labeling “Recycle” and “Waste”
Separation of abolished cell and PCB