Activity report summary

Here is a digest of Tocad Energy's ongoing efforts and past activities.

1. Safety and health

Mental health, health care

We provide mental and health education and consultations by industrial physicians, and focus on improving the work environment, health management, and work-life balance of employees.

Disaster mitigation measures

We are also working on disaster mitigation in order to reduce damage in the event of an emergency.
Specifically, through workplace patrols by health and safety committee members, we check dangerous areas and provide guidance for improvement to reduce familiar dangers.

SECOM safety confirmation service

We have introduced a safety confirmation service of SECOM Trust Systems Co., Ltd. using WEB mail. We have introduced a safety confirmation system that can be expected to be more effective when calling is restricted than telephone lines, even in the event of a major disaster. This ensures a quick confirmation / reporting system even at midnight or on holidays, such as the safety of employees and their families, whether employees can come to work, and the condition of employees' homes.

2. Social contribution

Fundraising activities

Tocad Energy supports biodiversity and environmental conservation efforts through fundraising activities for the following organizations.

Beach cleanup activities

Volunteer employees propose to "clean the coast around us first" and carry out cleaning work (beach clean) along the coast. This activity has led to the importance of the natural environment, the reduction of garbage at home and at work, the improvement of awareness of sorting, and the discovery of events that have a deep impact on the environment.

PET bottle cap collection

We are promoting a campaign to collect "caps" of PET bottles and deliver vaccines to children around the world (If the cap is thrown away as garbage, 400 pieces will release 3150g of CO2. In addition, recycling 400 caps is equivalent to buying 10 yen worth of vaccine for children in developing countries).
We have set up collection boxes at the garbage collection points on each floor, and hand over the collected caps to the "Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World's Children, a certified NPO" through a specialist company.

Blood donation

Currently, the amount of blood transfusions used for medical treatment is increasing, and there is a shortage of blood for transfusions in all types. Therefore, twice a year, a bloodmobile from the Tokyo Red Cross Blood Center comes to our company and volunteers donate blood. The purpose is for each employee to reaffirm the continuous blood donation activity and its importance, and to deepen the understanding of 400ml blood donation.

Delivery education, work experience

For elementary and junior high school students in Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture, where our production factory is located, we provide a place for on-site lessons and work experience related to the environment and energy.

3. Environmental management

3-1. Toward the Prevention of Global Warming-Prevention of Global Warming from the Viewpoint of Services-

a. Power saving

We set the temperature of the air conditioner so that the room temperature is 28 degrees in summer and 20 degrees in winter to reduce power consumption.
In addition, we have introduced LED fluorescent lamps at our head office and factories to work on energy saving and measures against global warming.

b. Reduction of vehicle use by sharing (visualizing) company vehicle information

We have created a company car reservation management database on our in-house system so that everyone can share reservation information. We are promoting CO2 reduction by taking on various other initiatives.

3-2. Efforts to reduce waste

a. Digitization of design drawings

We output more than 65,000 sheets a year on paper, and we have digitized all the design drawings that were sent to our business partners so that they can be viewed online. As a result, we made a significant reduction in the use of paper.

b. Thorough separation of garbage

At our company, we put different labels on waste and recyclable items so that we do not "throw away" recyclable items.

c. Recycling

The entire company is working as one to promote the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle). These activities aim to reduce the environmental burden by implementing waste reduction and recycling campaigns to protect the environment.

d. Circulate box

To reduce industrial waste, we reuse usable materials as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste that can be recycled. Packaging boxes (cardboard) used for various transports when parts are delivered are re-used repeatedly with the cooperation of suppliers.

e. Abolition of disposable chopsticks

In order to reduce the amount of burnable garbage, we have changed the chopsticks used by employees and part-timers who use the employee cafeteria from disposable chopsticks to reusable chopsticks with the cooperation of lunch box caterers. Recently, many people are actively using "my chopsticks".

3-3. Participation in eco-forum

Eight companies in the Shiroishi Zao area which have acquired ISO14001 meet monthly to exchange information on their environmental efforts. Above all, the "Shiroishi Zao Eco Forum", whose main purpose is to improve the internal environment, can be expected to play a major role in improving the local environment.